Unveiling Window Tinting Myth by Myth

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Window film is a fairly recent invention, and since the day it was conceived, it has been applied in countless areas because of its benefits. Window films help protect the surface they are applied on, mostly glass and glass derivatives. Window films and tints also help reduce solar damage, make vehicles, homes and stores more comfortable; and extend the life of your belongings. Nevertheless, there are many myths surrounding window tints, so we decided to name them myth by myth and shine a light on them to reveal the truth.

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Window Tint Service Provider

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At Ron’s window tinting we have offered high-quality solutions for businesses and homes in the west coast for years. Our main focus and drive is to provide the best customer experience, combined with the highest quality products available on the market. We have expanded our range of services to match what our clients are looking for, making us your one-stop-shop for your tinting and automotive painting needs. We have compiled a list of our most popular products and services and we break them down for you to see how a Window Tint Service Provider can help increase you and your family’s living standards. Read More


Why You Need Anti Graffiti Film

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Graffiti is considered by many as the greatest expression of street art. However, for homes and business owners graffiti usually means expensive repairs and paint jobs. In addition, vandalism is a growing concern that is affecting cities of all sizes all over the world. The damage is costing so much, that the City of London, England has designated a graffiti zone where vandals can quench their thirst without damaging anyone’s property. However, the window film industry is set on providing solutions to eliminate the graffiti issues once and for all in the form of anti-graffiti window film. This great product is available around the country right now, so here are some awesome reasons why you need to have anti-graffiti film if you own a house or business. Read More

Modern Glass Building

Smart Film

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The smart film can be defined as a film with an elevated property of high visible light transmission, which is usually above 60% or between 70 and 80% of visible light transmitted. The film is almost transparent to the naked eye. But the heat rejection is very high as compared to regular dark tinted films. Even though it allows most of the visible light spectrum, it has a high rejection of infrared light (invisible radiant energy), usually above 40%.

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Electrochromic Windows

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Window tints are a great way to save energy, protect yourself and your belongings from UV damage, and add a level of privacy to your house or vehicle. However, a new breakthrough is proving to enhance the benefits of window tinting like never before. We are now able to control the amount of sunlight we allow into our homes at will, thus cutting energy bills for everyone across the board. How is this possible? Simple: electrochromic windows. Read More


Tints Design: Top 5 for Home decor

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Window tints design have gone a long way since their invention. Although they were first designed for vehicles they are now used in businesses and homes all around the world. They now offer a great solution for home decoration and privacy. Window films are affordable and allow natural light to enter your house or apartment while still providing a high level of privacy. Window films are now available in all styles, colors and sizes and look awesome wherever they are used. Take a look at some of the design ideas below and learn which one is best for your apartment. Read More


Glass Building Benefits

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There is no doubt that window tints and glass building go hand in hand. There is no modern glass building that doesn’t use window tints because they help protect against UV rays, save energy and protect all their assets. This includes workers and furniture as well. Now, this may seem like a new revelation but it has been around for quite some time. Read More

Windows tinting

Automotive Window: Types of Tints

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Vehicular window tints are very common nowadays. They have several advantages that end up saving car owners and operators a lot of money on the long run. It’s important to understand how and why tints are beneficial for your vehicle before you decide on what type of tint to select. All modern wind tints help reflect ultraviolet radiation, which helps your health and also helps extend your car’s interior lifespan. Automotive window tints also help you control the temperature in your vehicle, meaning it uses less energy to either cool or heat your car. Consult with a qualified professional to learn about the different options you have available. Take a look at the specifics below for a brief explanation on the different types of window tints and their advantages. Read More

UV Radiation

UV Radiation: Homes, Business and Vehicles

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The effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV light) were first detected and measured in the early 1960s. Since then we have been well aware of the damaging effects UV radiation has on humans and our belongings. UV  radiation attacks both natural and synthetic materials. Although the damage depends on exposure and the material itself there is no denying UV light should be a major concern for your entire household. Read More